Travel & Hospitality

A very niche customized fully Automated Hospitality service for Corporate & Elite sectors .One of its kind Hospitality Module bringing global quality standards with affordable price & wide range of choices.
A radically simplified and painless e travel management systems.

Collective Health Care

A very Innovative Collective healthcare e-system providing 360 degree support centric solutions for medical professionals globally . A Pro-informational site dedicated to accelerate professionals in medical arena worldwide.

Renewable Energy & Water Solution:

Renewable Energy & water Consulting solution unified to provide self sustainable modules to all the rural & urban sectors across the globe. Service provided ranges from perpetual ,Bio,Solar & Wind energy solution along with Efficient water Management systems.

Others :

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Our Services Portfolio

Travel & Hospitality
Health Care
Renewable Energy Solutions
  Service Apartment & Business Hotel Reservation Tool
Corporate E Travel desk Services
Quality Certification & Accreditation for hospitality
  A Pro -info centric networking site dedicated for Medical professionals life cycle.Fecilitating Medical
professionals to achieve Global Health Care standards.
Global Virtual Forums to feclitate innovation in Global Health care
  Process Improvements: Six Sigma
Business/Function/Process transformation: Re-engineering frameworks, platform based solutions
Industry Capabilities
  Voice Based Services
  Transaction Processing Services
  e-Travel Desk Support
Travel & Hospitality
Renewable Energy Solution
Corporate e-Travel desk Management
A pro-informational networking site for
Customer care servicesr
Top of the line Travel
Medical university enrollments
Medical Transcription, Claims /Admin processing
Quality certification & Accreditation for Travel & Hospitality Sectors


Best of Class social Networking modules

Industry wise Certified Mentors to ensure your Business Success Ratio

informatics Poineers who have penned business startup Modules to cater to your Passion

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